How to secure your dream property in a seller’s market

    With supply failing to meet demand for houses right across America it’s very much a seller’s market right now.

    So how can you make sure you stay in control and still secure the property of your dreams?

    1) Do your homework

    There’s no point going to view houses if you’ve not got your finances in order. If you find the property of your dreams you need to act fast or the likelihood right now is that you’ll be beaten to the property by someone else. So do the math, know what you can afford and if you can get the mortgage in place ready then do so, so there are no hold ups.

    2) Don’t haggle for the sake of it

    We’re always told to haggle, especially if you’re in a strong buying position. But right now the average time a house is on the market for is just 36 days in Denton County, so there really is no time to waste and do you want to miss out for the sake of a couple of thousand dollars?

    3) Be prepared for a fight

    Unfortunately when it’s a seller’s market and demand is exceeding supply some people will always play dirty. Whether it’s the seller who wants to play buyers off against each other to get the highest offer possible or the fellow buyers so desperate to get their hands on the property that they will do just about anything!

    4) Be ready to be disappointed

    If you’ve been outbid and financially you can’t go any higher it’s important you walk away and not get involved in a bidding war you can’t afford. When a house pulls on the heart strings it’s easy to get carried away but the last thing you want is a home you are struggling to afford each month. To avoid disappointment set a lower maximum budget so you always have room to manoeuvre.

    5) Get the right agent

    There is a reason why so many people use agents – it’s because we really understand the market and how to complete a deal. We’ll also save you the stress and time of going back and forth trying to secure your property, while you can concentrate on planning the move.

    If you’re one of the 59 million looking to move in 2017 get in touch with us now on 940-584-0800.

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