Five ways to keep cool and sleep well this summer


    Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. A place of peace and calm where you can escape the world, enjoy some R&R and most importantly get a good night’s sleep so you are ready to tackle the day ahead.

    With temperatures rising, getting a good sleep can be more difficult, that’s why we’ve put together some great advice to help you achieve a fresh, cooling and calming space.

    1)    The color is key

    You might be surprised to know that the color of the walls in a room can hugely affect both your mood and mindset. So much so that they can on their own feel cooler and calmer and help you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

    Purples, blues and blue-greens not only have a calming effect they can also make a room appear both larger and cooler. The finish of the paint can also help so make sure you opt for a sheer finish over matt.

    2)    Choose cotton

    Now is a good time to consider investing in some new bedding if you’ve been struggling to get to sleep, or tossing and turning throughout the night.

    100% pure Egyptian cotton bedding, preferably white, could be the best thing you buy this summer. It’s the most breathable fabric out there, and it also promotes ventilation and air flow around the room. If your budget doesn’t stretch to Egyptian cotton, it’s worth considering linen – just as long as you keep away from the non-breathable man-made fabrics out there.

    If you want an even cooler start to the bedtime routine, try placing your sheets in a zip up plastic bag and putting them in the freezer for a few minutes right before bed, this should keep the temperature down long enough for you to drift off.


    3)    Make your own AC unit

    If you’re not lucky enough to have an air-conditioning unit, or maybe it’s not working, then you can create your own with just a few objects, and the results might surprise you.

    Position a pan or baking tray full of ice directly in front of a fan and wait for the cooling results. The breeze from the fan will pick up the cold water and create a cooling mist which is dispersed across the room.

    If you want to go even more old school, dig out your hot water bottle, fill it with water and put it in the freezer, then slip it into bed, and it will act as an ice pack.

    4)    Switch Off

    We all know that mobiles, tablets and laptops should never go into the bedroom if you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep, because of the blue light emitted.

    The blue light is interpreted as daylight by the brain, and it suppresses the melatonin levels which should increase when you are preparing for bed. Instead, when you use your mobile devices the levels stay low, and your brain remains stimulated when it should be winding down.

    That’s not the only reason to keep technology switched off and unplugged though. Phones, tablets, computers and televisions all also emit heat, albeit not much when it’s already hot, you don’t need anything adding to the temperature.

    5)    Go back to basics

    If all else fails, you might want to consider where you sleep.

    Warm air rises to by the time you go to bed a day’s worth of heat can be felt upstairs, so if sleeping downstairs is an option you might notice a significant temperature difference.

    If that’s not an option moving your mattress off your bed frame onto the floor will also be cooler.

    Swapping your mattress for a different option all together could also help. A straw or bamboo matt doesn’t retain heat like your mattress does – but it’s not as comfy as your bed!

    Our final suggestion is to take advantage of your outdoor space and sleep under the stars, well in a tent anyway.

    If you’ve got any handy tips that work for you, then share them over on our Facebook page by clicking here.


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